Daily Tips (Food poisoning expert reveals)

Whether it's a hangover from student days, or simply an innate thriftiness, many of us have a liberal attitude towards food sell-by dates and hygiene .
If it smells OK, it should be OK to eat?
Because most of us know when it's genuinely unwise to eat something right?
That pink barbecue sausage, that funky-smelling egg, that grey meat etc. We can rely on our bodies and common sense to tell the difference between the bad stuff and the good stuff.
But one man in particular has made a distinction between dangerous 'food poisoning' foods, and items which he deems safe to eat - and some of them may come as a surprise.
Why should we be listening to him?
Attorney Bill Marler has spent 20 years working on food poisoning lawsuits, and this experience has lead him to swear off certain items and dishes.
As the Independent reports, Bill is "litigating suits against Chipotle after the chain’s E. coli and norovirus outbreaks" and has won in excess of $600 million in damages for foodborne illness cases.
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