Leafy greens and veggies make for a great healthy meal choice.

But you need to be really careful when ordering a salad out at restaurants…

…because MANY salads end up being unhealthy diet busters.

Salads are probably the trickiest “healthy” food because there’s an almost unlimited number of ways to add tasty (but unhealthy) ingredients to it.

Shredded cheese, fried tortillas, heavy dressing, fried meats, and other high calorie, high fat items can be added to this meal and still be called a “healthy choice” on the menu.

In reality, you’ve taken what once was a low calorie, nutrient dense meal and made it high in sodium and fat.

Make the healthier choice: Try going for less dressing so you don’t turn your salad into dressing soup.

Also skip out on the fried additions that accompany many “meal” oriented salads.source by
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