Cool down with health benefits of an ice cube facial!

1. Tightens pores:

We all know what happens when we indulge in a steam facial. Our pores open up. Ice cubes, when applied on the skin, do the exact opposite. It tightens our pores, especially closing up the enlarged ones. By doing this, it reduces the production of excess oil, which makes the skin smooth and supple.

2. Freeze pimples:

Is that newly born pimple annoying you? Are you having a breakout problem? Fear not, ice cubes will solve it for you! The easiest way to treat acne or pimples is to rub them with an ice cube. However, since the capillaries are delicate, it would be a good idea to wrap the ice cube in a muslin cloth before applying to avoid the harshness.

3. Glowing skin:

You'll have to do a lot more than just rub an ice cube for this. Mix sliced cucumber, honey and lemon juice and freeze it. Crack the ice cube out and apply over your skin. Instant glow!

4. Dark circles:

Want to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes? Ice therapy to the rescue, but with a slight twist! Brew some green tea and freeze the strained water in an ice cube tray. Place these ice cubes on your eyes in intervals of 30 seconds. With abundant antioxidants and mild caffeine, “iced” green tea is your best shot against swelling around eyes.

5. Prevent skin ageing:

An ice massage improves blood circulation and delays signs of skin ageing. If you want a spa-like feel, you can add a few drops of essential massage oils to the ice cube before freezing.
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